Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bored? Why not blog!

Life is pretty simple lately. Every day is just going by so fast, doing the same ol' routine. Lots of cleaning, hanging out w/ the boys, laundry, school, & trying to find time to work out! How did it get to March already? Mason is going to be 2 this month!! ahhh!!! We're trying to plan Masons *wonder pets* birthday party for the weekend of the 21st. All the family is in Arizona tho, so I feel like its selfish to make everyone drive out here for the party. But I have school on Saturdays till 3 so there's really no other option. Plus, our extended family (the guys) are out here, and they wouldnt want to miss it!! Brayden is trying to crawl! He's 7 months old yesterday, and he's on his knees rocking back and forth, its soo cute! Im gonna have my hands full when he's up and moving! He sits up by himself, and is eating just about everything now, baby food wise. He always makes funky faces even if he likes it! I babysat Pichets kids yesterday, boy are they fun! It was like THE BEST form of birth control EVER. They have 3 kids, 6yrs old, 4 yrs old, & 9 months old! So I was running all over the place, but Mason sure enjoyed the playtime! He is such a tough little kid, they were pushing him around, and he would just push back. Not that pushing is a good thing, but its good to know he can handle his own. We did get to play the 'elephant game' and Mason thinks picking em up of the ground is the fun! He'd get so excited when he had a lot of butterflies in his net. I am making a goal for the week to spend more quality time with Mason doing something with crafts! I think it will be soo good for him. He's spending way too much time watching spongebob, and Wow Wow Wubzy! The weather is getting nice, so maybe we'll go on more outdoor adventures!
Until next time,
Ciao :]