Monday, March 22, 2010

Masons 2nd Birthday Party!!


Mason wont be 2 years old officially until March 30th, but we decided to have it on Sunday, March 21st! He was such a little stud wearing a tuxedo Daddy picked out for him! It was awesome to have all the family drive out from Arizona to be here for his special day! At first Mason didnt want nothing to do with presents, he pushed them away! And he just wandered around away from everyone. It was weird! But once he saw what was in the presents daddy had to show him, he warmed up! Cake was a blast, he LOVES to get messy! Licking every last finger till all the frosting was off his hands! I cant believe my baby boy is 2 years old! He's becoming such a little man! Here's pictures from Masons big day :) It was beautiful outside!!
"Once he dug in it was all over!"

"Masons Bongebob Cake"

"He licked it ALL off"

"Mike passing out the cake to everyone"

"Gpa Bill & Nana"

"Cutie Pie Hailey"

"Precious Kylie"

"It was a marble cake w/ strawberry filling"

"Wagon & Legos from Daddy"

"Boogie boards from Gpa Cois"
"Bubble Mower from Nana"

"Spongebob clothes from Gpa Bill"

"Remote controlled tonka truck!"

"Gpa Bill playing w/ Mason"

"Grandcracker & Gpa Rick"


"Mommy & Brayden"

"Gpa Bill hanging out with B-rad"