Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anyone out there?!

Not that i have many followers! But i have a little update for now, until i get a new computer. FYI -while i was home for spring break, the dog/house sitter dumped beer all over our computer, that we JUST got in October. So we are waiting for him to buy us a new one! He's SO terribly sorry. I feel bad he has to buy us a new one. Computers arent cheap.


Spring break was amazing! I left tuesday with my two little stud muffins, and it was non stop until mike and the guys caught up with us on Friday. We had a nice getaway while my sister watched the kiddos and we got a room for the night ;) it was awesome to have a little fun together. Im usually the one staying home with the kids while he goes out with the guys! Mainly because i wasnt 21 but still!!


I finish school next week! Im so excited to start working again. It feels like ive been so busy being pregnant and taking care of the kids, i havent had a chance to help provide for our family. I cant wait for that to start changing! I hate being a stay at home mom. Well not completely. I totally love it actually. But before Mike and the kids, i was so independent, ive been out of my norm these last couple years. If you didnt know, im going to school to be a Certified Nursing Assistant, so come April 23rd after my state exam, i can put CNA after my name!!! Yay! One step closer to RN <3


The kids are great, Mason said like 20 new words in one day, like MINE! ahh, its the beginning of no end! Mase is always trying to play with b-rad, its so adorable! I cant wait till they are both running around playing together! Brayden is starting to crawl all over the place, and never wants formula. He's always staring at us with his big blue eyes, drooling over whatever we're eating! So my little baby is now 18 lbs!!! He's grown wayy to fast. Im so glad im satisfied with 2 kids. Or else nows about that time where im begging Mike to have another one. I did that when Mason was around 8 months too! LOL. (FYI-my kids are 18 months apart) :) Only if i knew it wouldnt take more than a month to get knocked up again! haha. But i love how close they are!! :)


Did i mention how beautiful this weather is! Spring is here, and this desert is starting to look green! Loving all the flowers that are popping up outside my doorstep. Cant wait to take the kids to Sea World, and the Zoo!! Well, i better get stuff done, i have class soon!

More later (with lots of pictures) when i get my new computer!