Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy bee

I broke my camera yesterday when Mason and I were making cupcakes. I dropped it on the floor and it went caploo-ey. Mike said he's not buying me another one :[ I go through cameras like nothing. I think ive had 4 in the last year?? Idk how it happens. I need a childproof one for sure tho! Think I need to plan a romantic dinner, and work my magic so i can get another one! But we did get our new computer yesterday!! its GORGEOUS! im in L.O.V.E!!!

Yesterday was our last day at clinical. And we had our big feast with everyone culture food. It was so yummy. I felt like i needed to be rolled out once we were finished eating. Luckily im getting a gym membership today so i can work it off before it hits my theighs! But anyways! While we were at clinical after we ate, we were allowed to visit with our 'favorite residents' say goodbye or pamper people. And as i was making my rounds, this man ive gotten to know these last 15 weeks had gone sooo downhill from last Saturday. It was unbelievable. I cant say much else. But i sat there with him and talked to him for so long. Rubbing his arm and letting him know he wasnt alone. He looked at me said something i couldnt understand, and then stopped breathing for a good 2 minutes. It was terrifying. All i could say was, breathe, breathe, breathe... over and over. I couldnt believe it. Then when he gasped for air and started breathing again, i said my goodbyes and had to leave before i broke down. It was intense. Then when i got home, i found out that Mike's dad had a heart attack and needs surgery on friday. So we are driving back home for the weekend to be with him. -All this stuff all at once is a little overwhelming.

On a happier note. Yesterday my dad bought Mason, Brayden, my mom, and I plane tickets to come out to Illinois for a week! -(Mike dont think he'll be able to get time off-shitty!)- I havent seen my dad in years. & on top of that, ive NEVER even seen my parents together in the same state! So this shall be interesting to say the least. What sucks, is its during the In-Home care program that I enrolled for last week. And if you are absent once, you get dropped so im going to have to drop that class :[ But its ok, cuz in Arizona you dont need to be certified to work in-home. I was just doing it to gain the knowledge. So now im going to enroll in the summer for my lab pre-reqs for Nursing and im going to take Spanish!! Im stoked about that! Ive always wanted to learn and the high school class was a joke!

Well, i better get the day started with! Have to study for a 300 question exam today. Whewww. Im nervous!!

Buh Bye for now! :]