Thursday, May 27, 2010


For some reason, i cant upload any pictures on here. && i have soo much to catch up on. Until i figure out how to fix it theres' no visual blogging for you. :[

My "maum" is coming to visit and we pick her up at the greyhound station on Saturday at noon! I am so excited, we havent seen her since she flew out from Florida after Brayden was born almost a year ago~! I Miss her sooo much!! Now what to do in 29 is the big question! Anyone have any suggestions thats not toooo far of a drive?!


Chynna said...

Well I guess you've already been there but I was gonna suggest JT National Park :P Google Palm Springs/desert! I don't know that area well butttt you know there's gotta be stuff to do since it's such a popular tourist attraction. Ask Chrissy since that's where she use to live :)