Friday, June 4, 2010

Mommy's Day Out

It was so nice to get out without the kids, and explore without worrying about Mason getting hurt, or Braydens next feeding. It was definitely much needed time to myself, and no better way to do that then a day outside doing what I love. HIKING! Jessi and I went for an adventure to JTNP before she moves to Cherry Point on Monday. I'm gonna miss that girl soo much! We didn't head home till 7 and when I finally got service and called Mike his first words were "I thought you died", he was so serious i couldn't help but laugh! I saw so many things, and took sooo many pictures. Enjoy!! :]

Joshua Tree National Park

love this

The weather was perfect

beginner rock climber

Barker Dam entrance

mountains beyond mountains

a little perspective of how big the rocks are, i look like a toothpick

abandoned house, from the mining days

Jessi exploring

simply beautiful

that lizzard is huge!

in the pic it looks like a bird, but in person it didnt

catching some rays

Petrogryphs from Indians

Jessi Penfold-my bff in 29!


Barker Dam

The only blooming cactus i saw out there!

Joshua Tree Gateway To Hell

a rattle snake was in the middle of the road so we turned around to see it. When we walked up to it, it had been curling into the defensive position and we thought it was going to attack, when we saw all the blood. His jaw looked like it was bent backwards and blood was seeping out everywhere. He was slowly curling around in pain, and eventually died. It was sooo sad.