Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our week. :)

Hi all! Im trying to relax and have as much downtime as i can because this time next month we will be moving our home, to Arizona. Mike gets out of the Marine Corps on July 30th! I am too excited to express in words. On the 96 for the 4th of july we will be house hunting, finding daycare, and getting everything else situated. Im looking forward to moving back! Ive lived in 29 for 3 years and I dont think ill miss this place AT ALL!

But more on our adventures this week!!

Ive really enjoyed having my sister here for her summer vacation. I know its really boring in 29 so ive been trying to keep things interesting around here the best that i can. This week we went hiking before dark, we went to the water park with Chrissy and her kiddos, had a chalkfest on the back porch, & went to the drive ins & saw Get him to Greek!!

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