Monday, September 13, 2010


9 years ago I was getting ready for school, when the news came on and I watched the tragedy we remember all too well. I wanted to stay home that day, but my mom insisted I go to school because they would probably explain, and we would learn more about it. But none of my teachers acted like anything happened. No one wanted to watch the television. They acted like it was another normal day. Sadly it wasnt. Looking at the photos from that day is heartbreaking. I cant imagine how anyone could do this to our country.

My sister & I went to the 9/11 healing field memorial held at Tempe Town Lakes for the victims of 9/11. There were nearly 3000 flags. Its overwhelming to walk thru the field and read the stories of each person lost that day.


"Watch the video and listen as the planes fly overhead. What a reminder of the day that most of us will never forget."
(video is cut off a little. but you get the point)