Monday, September 13, 2010


9 years ago I was getting ready for school, when the news came on and I watched the tragedy we remember all too well. I wanted to stay home that day, but my mom insisted I go to school because they would probably explain, and we would learn more about it. But none of my teachers acted like anything happened. No one wanted to watch the television. They acted like it was another normal day. Sadly it wasnt. Looking at the photos from that day is heartbreaking. I cant imagine how anyone could do this to our country.

My sister & I went to the 9/11 healing field memorial held at Tempe Town Lakes for the victims of 9/11. There were nearly 3000 flags. Its overwhelming to walk thru the field and read the stories of each person lost that day.


"Watch the video and listen as the planes fly overhead. What a reminder of the day that most of us will never forget."
(video is cut off a little. but you get the point)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

im still alive.

just been so busy & any down time i get i spending it with my loves. Ill get back on blogging when the time is right :)

P.s- the show Dexter is sooo good, Im hooked! You should check it out if you havent already!! :D

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hear No Evil-See No Evil-Speak No Evil

A few years back when my sister was just visiting from Oregon we had this photo taken of us three siblings together for the first time in FOREVER.

Fourth of July 2007

This year we took another, and it shows how much we've all grown!
I find it fascinating and thought id share!

Fourth of July 2010

& Now we are all one big happy disfunctional fam[ily] TOGETHER!

Since my little sister has moved to Arizona this year to stay!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our week. :)

Hi all! Im trying to relax and have as much downtime as i can because this time next month we will be moving our home, to Arizona. Mike gets out of the Marine Corps on July 30th! I am too excited to express in words. On the 96 for the 4th of july we will be house hunting, finding daycare, and getting everything else situated. Im looking forward to moving back! Ive lived in 29 for 3 years and I dont think ill miss this place AT ALL!

But more on our adventures this week!!

Ive really enjoyed having my sister here for her summer vacation. I know its really boring in 29 so ive been trying to keep things interesting around here the best that i can. This week we went hiking before dark, we went to the water park with Chrissy and her kiddos, had a chalkfest on the back porch, & went to the drive ins & saw Get him to Greek!!

Capture Every Moment-So We Live Forever

Thursday, June 17, 2010


How can I get mad at a cute face like that!


My sister is on her summer vacation & Lucky me she chose to spend it here in 29 with her nephews! She's lived in Oregon all her life with her dad, and ive lived in Arizona since she was 5 with our mom. So after all these years, having her home is pretty awesome! Last night there was this beautiful moon so we went out to get a good shot, and here's what we came home with!

Kendra took this shot of me 'trying' to get on the wall. thought id share the laugh!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Braydens GeeGee

Braydens had 3 new teeth come in the last couple days. Poor little man has been crying non stop. After trying just about anything I finally put a wet washcloth in the freezer and tried that. Mason never liked it but Brayden hasnt let go of it for one second! Its soo cute! He's also been standing & walking around a lot more lately. This morning he took 2 whole steps!!! What am i going to do now that my Baby is growing up :[ Time flys too fast.

For some reason the background is white?.. i didnt edit this!

Brayden Matthew, 10 months & 4days old

my chunky monkey


Braydens standing!! I took this picture randomly and
know i caught him till later! :D

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mommy's Day Out

It was so nice to get out without the kids, and explore without worrying about Mason getting hurt, or Braydens next feeding. It was definitely much needed time to myself, and no better way to do that then a day outside doing what I love. HIKING! Jessi and I went for an adventure to JTNP before she moves to Cherry Point on Monday. I'm gonna miss that girl soo much! We didn't head home till 7 and when I finally got service and called Mike his first words were "I thought you died", he was so serious i couldn't help but laugh! I saw so many things, and took sooo many pictures. Enjoy!! :]

Joshua Tree National Park

love this

The weather was perfect

beginner rock climber

Barker Dam entrance

mountains beyond mountains

a little perspective of how big the rocks are, i look like a toothpick

abandoned house, from the mining days

Jessi exploring

simply beautiful

that lizzard is huge!

in the pic it looks like a bird, but in person it didnt

catching some rays

Petrogryphs from Indians

Jessi Penfold-my bff in 29!


Barker Dam

The only blooming cactus i saw out there!

Joshua Tree Gateway To Hell

a rattle snake was in the middle of the road so we turned around to see it. When we walked up to it, it had been curling into the defensive position and we thought it was going to attack, when we saw all the blood. His jaw looked like it was bent backwards and blood was seeping out everywhere. He was slowly curling around in pain, and eventually died. It was sooo sad.