Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monster Jam

Mike & I took Mason to the MONSTER TRUCKS at Chase Field last night! He LOVES trucks, and everytime he saw the commercial for the show, he would stare and scream and laugh and go crazy! So we decided to take him on a little mommy/daddy/me date! We really wanted to take Brayden too, but he doesnt like how loud the trucks are. Maybe next year he will be old enough tho! We are definitely going to start going every year, because Mason just had a blast, and so did we! We met up with Justin, which is mikes brother from another mother, and Kurt with his 2 kids! We really had so much fun screaming and yelling. Mason decided to steal my seat and sat next to this blonde girl that he started flirting with! He even got her to kiss him. That made me a little uncomfortable so I made him switch back between Mike and I. I mean, who kisses some strangers child. That really bugged me!! Anyways! We got him a slushy that came in a really cool souvenier cup, and I bought him these really cool tire ear muffs because im 'overprotective' and wanted to protect his little ears. But he didnt wear them long! Anyways, its off to do some homework and watch a movie with the Hunk.