Monday, January 24, 2011

new years resolution

I have made many new years resolutions, and NEVER go through with em. Well this year I am going to make a list of things i wanna accomplish, and at the end of the year, ill see how many i actually got done!
-Apply for the Nursing Program by August.
-Learn Spanish & Sign Language.
-Teach Mason everything neccessary for preschool.
-Put 110% into my marriage, and being a mother at all times.
-Control my trust issues.
-Spend more time with family.
-Make new friends, find a 'best' friend on the East Valley!
-Road trip to Sea World.
-Summer road trip to a State we've never been.
-Learn how to Snowboard.
-Start Hiking on a regular basis.
-Find a company I enjoy working for.
-Print all photos & put them in albums.
-Volunteer at a local hospital ATLEAST bi-weekly.
-Potty train Brayden.
-Photograph more.
-Get fit & stay fit.
-DONT get pregnant!
-Find myself, and be completely happy with who I am.
-Give more, receive less.

Whats yours?!
Post a blog about what your goals are for 2011!!


kaitlencleveland said...

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