Monday, February 21, 2011

30 Random Facts

[[super old picture]]

1. my husband & my 2 boys are my entire world.

2. i got married and pregnant at 18, and although getting pregnant wasnt planned, i TRULY believe, they saved my life.

3. i want to be a flight nurse.

4. i love adrenaline, ill try anything atleast twice.

5. i cant dance.

6. i have a wierd fascination with murder, and death.

7. i am beyond scared of sharks, but i love everything about them and want to go Shark cage diving before i have wrinkles.

8. i cant stand when the shower curtain is left open.

9. i love love love going to concerts.

10. it's very hard for me to make friends. im not a social person at all!... unless im drinking.

11. i hated football until i got married to the Cowboys addict i call my husband

12. i want a snake sooo bad, but my husband wont let me get one.

13. katie moments are when i say the stupidest things without thinking first! examples: I didnt know Hollywood was in California (yes, i was serious!) gets worse i swear!

14. My wedding anniversary is August 8th, 2007. One of the best days of my life

15. I can see ghosts. & yes, it scares the crap out of me!

16. i love working out and playing sports, i just dont have the time :[

17. i dropped out of high school first quarter of my frosh year, went back my jr year second semester and graduated with my class! 2007 babyyy! My biggest accomplishment, aside from my family!

18. i cannot pretend to be happy. my mood is written all over my face.

19. when i laugh, i cry. i cant help it.

20.i have 2 tattoos and would get a sleeve if it didnt affect my career.

21. if i feel a certain fabric/material i intstantly cant breath and it feels like im being suffocated. I dont know what material it is. dont ask why.. idk!!!

22. I want a Red Jeep Rubicon sooo freaking bad, and when my boys are old enough to have the top down, and be ok with the wind in their face, i WILL OWN ONE!

23. if i dont know how meat is prepared, or where it came from .. i wont eat it. [like in frozen meals, or soups]

24. I hate red meat. Grissle, and fat, veins and blood make me gag!

25. Fringe and Dexter are my shows.

26. I love horror movies. Part of the fun, is finding ones that are actually scary!

27. I live by the quote. Everything Happens For A Reason. & Karma Is A Bitch!!!!

28. I am very blessed to have my husband and my two boys. There is not enough i love you's said in each day to express how much i love them.

29. i collect shot glasses.. to look back on where ive been. each one has meaning. has a story.

30. If daycare wasnt so expensive, and diapers, and clothes, and food, and LIFE... id have about 5 kids running around my house. Id love to have a big family.