Monday, February 14, 2011

Our 5th Valentines Day

Mike always says, Valentines Day is the Halmark Holiday and he never takes it seriously. This year, i decided to take it to my level and made reservations at this really nice, outdoor setting restaurant and told him to be ready by 6:30pm. He said he had plans for us, but we'd go with mine and wouldnt tell me what his were!! Dinner was AMAZING! it was sooo delicious! We ate at the Old Town Tortilla Factory in Scottsdale, and the food was beyond what we expected. There was a water fountain and tons of trees & white christmas lights everywhere, and candles on our table. It was soo quiet and romantic. Then we were going to go somewhere for dessert, but we ended up at Dave & Busters! LOL. It was fun playing basketball and running around playing games, getting tickets, and photobooth! We ended the night at Kileys Grill, which is 'our' bar we go to because its right next to our house! Such an amazing time. Way better than I had planned!!

Dear Loving Husband of Mine.
A few months ago, I couldnt even see what our life was going to look like from day to day. Couldnt see how we could possibly get past certain problems ive caused us. But you stuck by my side and was there for me. You proved your love, stuck thru the pain and worked past our issues for us, for our family. I have always known you are an amazing man, but working things out together made me realize (even more) that you really are that once in a lifetime dream come true. The man i love calling my husband, and im looking forward to spending the rest of my life with. You are such a strong person, stronger than i will ever be. I hope your proud to stand beside me and know you made the right choice. Thank you for believing in me, loving me, and giving me this chance to make things right. I cherish our life together more and more each day. Enjoy laughing with you about things our boys do as they learn and grow. I love kissing you goodnight, and good morning too. I love your quirky dance moves. Your sweet smile, and poofy hair. Watching football on Sundays, even tho you think i really dont like it [when secretly i do!]. You go to school, and work to provide for us.You are a devoted man, one that will do anything for your family and i love that about you. You are everything I expected and more in a husband, and such an amazing father. This is going to be a big year for us, and i cannot wait to see how far we've came. Thank you for being so big hearted, being my hunk of love.. my rock. I love you with all my heart, and I am proud to have your last name.

Love Then.. Now.. and Forever,
your wiff