Monday, February 7, 2011

Vacation to Flagstaff

Mike decided that we need a little family vacation, so he planned a trip up North to Flagstaff, Arizona! I was soo beyond excited because Mike works Fri & Saturday nights so we NEVER get to go out of town and do things! Its about 4 hours away from where we live, so we had quite a drive ahead of us, but the boys were SOO GOOD! When we got up there & started seeing snow Mason was screaming 'mommyyy!!' and pointing out the window at the white stuff on the ground! He was so unsure what it was! Brayden of course, was just taking it all in! At one point we asked Mason how many tree's there were & he was like... "1..2..4..3..3..4..2..1..2..3..4" and would use his fingers. Finally he said FOUR! lol. It was ADORABLE! So we finally made it to the Hilton Hotel, where we were staying and decided to relax for the rest of the evening. We grabbed Dinner at this mexican restuarant (of course!) and it was soo gross! Once we left, it was soo cold outside i was rushing to unlock the door, and broke the key off! I was seriously laughing so hard. So we put the kids on the top of the jeep so they wouldnt run away & got it unlocked in a couple minutes. It was nothing new because ive locked the keys in that Jeep about a million times! When we got back to the hotel we decided to go swimming in the indoor heated pool (The whole reason we picked that hotel) and then gave them baths, and called it a night :] The next morning, we got the boys all suited up in their snow gear, and got some fast food for breakfast and headed up the mountain! We found this spot where everyones cars were, but no ppl were found anywhere! So we followed the foot tracks and STILL no people! So we made our own little area, and had a blast in the fresh snow! After we wrestled in the snow, threw some snowballs and a had a few laughs we packed the boys back up and headed to another area where there was a hugee hill for sledding! Tons of ppl were there and we all had a great time! Mason was so brave and kept going all by himself! Brayden never said a peep and just kept up with me as i carried him up the hill, and sled down about a million times! It was such a great trip! I wish we could have stayed a lot longer! Here are only a few pictures, because im pretty sure my blog is way too long. Thanks for reading!!